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Old games being lost to link and disc-rot

After accidentally stumbling upon on the old games I played as a kid I decided to do a bit of research about who made them and when. But it turns out that most of these games were made by indie gamemakers, basically only free(crap)ware sites have any mention of them - it's a first that they're useful. Quite sad.

In order to reduce the bit and link-rot I'm going to try and improve the data available out there and will try to add short descriptions to my own blog, I can't be the only one Googling this:

  1. "Paksukese seiklused" - originally Fatman's adventures were created by the game company called Another Day Ltd., redistributed (and changed by, I think, I've seen two different title screens) Shamrock Games Estonian localization was made by Ase Computers Interestingly the game also has sequels but I'm certain those never entered Estonian market. I tried finding copies of the sequels, but no dice. If you have copies of the sequels please contact me!
  2. [To Be Cont.]