My experience with a few home automation systems available

// NOTE: This article is incomplete, I have tried out more

# MyController

The first home automation controller I tried was MyController.

## UI

The UI was tolerable, not the prettiest but it worked without any hiccups.

## The setup

That was really easy, I could just enter the right PostgreSQL credentials and database name. What didn't work was getting sensor readings into InfluxDB to have some really nice graphs. It also wasn't the most pleasant to get it under systemd's control, stop didn't really have a meaning to it.

## MySensors integration

Really good configuration options, super-clear mesh status, everything worked. Smoothest of them all.

# Home Assistant

I also tried Home Assistant (HASS for short)

## UI

The UI was nice-looking but it had a few bugs, wasn't fast and really lacked any configurability.

## The setup

It was easier than MyController but after installing it, it took much longer to set up basic things such as MyController support.

## MySensors integration

Had a few annoying bugs like forcing a certain data type on a certain sensor, couldn't handle custom scales. It was also super delayed.

## Scripting

I really disliked it, the YAML is not nice and the scripting is worse than Scratch, it should be Python with some nice API